Transtitution – Transforming higher educational institutions through modernization of middle management    

Radojka Krneta, Rolf Reinhardt, Danijela Milosevic


Modern societies are deeply characterized by professional expertise as a way to meet the challenges of the 21st century. As a response to those challenges in the corporate sector, organizational change has become a substantial part. However, the organizational changes in higher education institutions usually start too late and run too slowly, not allowing it to fit into the future on time. To meet these challenges, the development and education of specialized academic managers, especially in the middle management segment through the so-called “professionalization” of middle managers, is recommended.

A new service called “Transtitution” is developed to lift up and enable transformational processes in higher education institutions. The service is based on the “Transtitution Maturity Model (TMM)” which covers four development stages, such as instruction, application, sharing and finally inspiration related to external stakeholders. Internally, the three development stages of resources, practices and culture can be defined. However, transformation is always related to individuals. Here, the willingness, the ability and the possibility to apply change play a major role. Taking into account the systemic impact of a transformation, all three dimensions need to be considered at the same time. The direction of a transformation can be initiated both ways: Top-down and bottom-up. This is one of the reasons why middle managers could play a crucial role in the facilitation of the transformation. Methods and tools of the “Transtitution” service are described as the conceptual model of organizational change in higher education institutions. The “Transtitution” service is demonstrated on the example of transformation of higher educational institutions in Serbia towards strengthening of its managerial capacity concerning improving distance education.


Professionalization of HE institutions, Middle management, Transtitution Maturity Model (TMM)


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